Issue about Dashboard Notification node

Hi Everybody,

In facing an issue using Dashboard notifcation node: nothing is displayed, whatever I send to hte node as msg.payload and msg.topic.
No error is given in debug window.
I run it on Chrome. It tried to restart chrome, reboot PC, but nothing change.
I even tried Edge without any success.

Any idea of what's happening?


  • Node-Red version 0.20.7
  • node-red-dashboard version 2.17.1

There was a bug in 2.17.0 - that stopped notifications working but was fixed in 2.17.1 - Are you sure you have flushed the browser cache ? - Can you share a part of your flow that shows this behaviour ? Thanks

Hi @dceejay, THanks for fast reply.
I think you are right. I upgraded dashboard module this morning, restarted Node-Red instance, not did not flush cache.
I just flushed cache, and now, the notifications are back.

Thanks again for your help!

Phew !...