Import Flows using API

Hi Node-red Experts,
I know there is an API for node-red, but I am not sure if can we import flows using it's API?
I don't want my end-user to login on my node-red and go to Menu -> Import Flows, but instead, I want to create a custom application where we can automatically import flows without doing it manually.

Hoping for your guidance.

Thank you.

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Hi @Henjoe

the runtime provides an API that lets you add/update individual flows (ie tabs) - POST /flow : Node-RED

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Hi Knolleary,

Thank you for this.
But I don't know what I am doing wrong in here, I am trying to get an access token via postman.

But I am getting an "authentication error". Any thoughts?

Don't make that request using Basic Auth

Hi knolleary,

What type of auth should I use in here?

Thanks for supporting. I highly appreciated it.

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Have a look at this page in the docs: Authentication : Node-RED

It explains how to get an access token and how to use that token when using the api.