Import of same flow - doesnt result in replace/copy message

Hi ,

Not sure why i did not notice this before - when i import a flow (tab) to an env (NR instance) which has that flow already - i dont get any popups on replace/copy. Every time a new copy gets created.

(While for subflows etc. this works v well).

Can someone please assist if this is the expected behaviour ? Cos this makes multi env sync ups a much more difficult task than it is already.

Anyone ? I am ok if this is the behavior for flows. Just want to know if this is the current behavior ?

I have tested it on noe red 3.0.2 and I do get the duplicate flows popup.
To make sure I am doing exactly the same as you I

  1. Menu -> Export > Current flow, and Copy to clipboard
  2. Menu > Import, Paste it in, Select New Flow and Import
    I get


This is very interesting. I dont get this message for Flows. I tried it within the same instance.
(I get this for subflows).
I am v2.2.2 . Maybe i need to upgrade and check.

(I am following the same steps as you have outlined).

I see this message . But when i click - view nodes - it doesnt give any option to "replace" the flow.

If i click "View nodes" --> Import - a new copy of flow is created. I would expect it to replace the existing flow.

It doesn't provide an option to replace regular nodes/flows - only config nodes/subflows.

It would be nice to have an option to do what you want, but it isn't there today.

Thanks @knolleary . At this stage - this is what i wanted to understand- if it exists or not. Cos i was starting to wonder if my installation was corrupted.


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