Imported unrecognized types

I am a total noob to Node-Red (and node in general), so forgive me if the issue is obvious. I own an Obi 202 ATA that has SIP credentials for my home phone. I need to record all calls (legal here in Canada). I found this script. I also have an Odroid HC4 with OMV on Debian Bullseye, and I used a Portainer stack to install Node-Red on Docker:

version: "2"
    image: nodered/node-red
    container_name: node-red
      - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-088953ed-6887-487c-bd44-d5f86dc93383/AppData/Nodered:/data
      - 1880:1880
    restart: unless-stopped

I navigated to the Node-Red GUI on port 1880 and then tried to import the script via clipboard, but that's when I get this error:
Screenshot from 2023-06-30 18-53-07

It says:

Imported unrecognized types:

  • uuid
  • www-request

What happened, and how do I make this work? I don't understand what this error means, nor how to fix it. My Obi 202 is on the internal IP address of and my Odroid HC4 is on the internal IP address The plan is to record calls from the Obi 202 and save them on the Odroid HC4, with the script running from the Odroid HC4.

I fixed the issue so far (as far as, I don't get the errors). I went to the menu > Manage Palette > Install and then I searched for the appropriate node package to install (uuid and then after www-request). Now I no longer get the error stating they're not installed. I'll see if I can figure out the rest!

Ok, so I am at a loss. I think the problem is that Node-RED is in a Docker container. For example, the container has its own internal IP of In the Portainer logs for Node-RED, it says "[udp in:Obi Syslog on UDP 1514] udp listener at". My Obi 202 is on machine on my network, and my machine running Portainer I have pointed the Obi 202 syslog to port 1514. But isn't it technically How do I get the syslog from my Obi to "reach" the Portainer container running Node-RED?

If you are running node-red in docker, you may need to specify the ports;

      - 1880:1880
      - 1514:1514

and restart the container.

Do you have to use Docker? If not then don't, generally it just makes life more complicated, and usually life is already complicated enough.

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