Improvements to node-red-contrib-line-notify v3.1.0

For those of you who live in parts of the world where LINE is a dominate messaging app, I have good news.

Today I worked with the developer of node-red-contrib-line-notify Hiroyuki Okada, and he made two "breaking changes" going from version 2.X to 3.0 and then 3.1.

In a nutshell, Hiroyuki-san changed his node-red-contrib-line-notify node to (1) permit msg.payload to be an input to the node, so messages are not required to be static, hard coded into his node; and (2) changed the output of the node to include a msg.status and the original msg.payload so it's also easy to work with the output of the node as well and take an action, if required, on error (or continue the flow passing the msg object on to the next node).

It's not a huge change to the LINE Notify node, but for those who use LINE and want their Node-RED flows to easily send notifications to LINE, this works well now (tested and issue closed on Git).

This node is strictly a "push only notification service, but it works well now.



Thanks for your request and communication in the issue.


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