Incorrectly formatted json string

Hi, I am very new to node-red and MQTT so the problem that I have found has taken me a while to pin down. I have a device that is logging the temperature on 3 channels, currently I only have 1 working, which I want to log into a InfluxDb.

The problem that I have is that the message that the device is returning is incorrectly formatted, see below, the last "false" is missing the "e" which is causing a problem.

I have contacted the manufacturer hoping that they can update the firmware but I am not holding my breath. Is there a way that I can just correct the string by inserting the "e".


You can just use a change node as long as this remains a string and replace fals to false.

Thanks, after reading some of the other discussions I have just found something similar and change has worked.

Appreciate the help

For information purposes only.

Replacing "fals" with "false" does not appear to be the correct solution.
output -

but if you replace "fals}" with "false}"

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