Incremental encoder for measuring system

Hi community.
Im a newbie to node red and after google a lot, still unable to get a solution or direction.
I have a incremental encoder with 2048ppr (AMT-103) attached to a moving table that i want to use to make measurements using a Raspberry Pi W.
The encoder is attached to a leadscrew and when i rotate it (doing it by hand, later on will add a motor) i can move it to the position i want.
The main goal is to implement a flow that allows me to calculate the distance between 2 points, and therefore getting the distance.
There will be a factor to define the distance per encoder step in order to get the distance.
The main doubt is if this can be done in node-red, or if i also need to add encoder coding in phyton?
If i use a code to get the encoder counts how to get them in node red?

Your expertise is very welcome.
Hope you guys can help me.
Stay safe

You haven't really explained what you are trying to do with the pi. Do you mean the encoder will be connected to the pi and you want node-red to monitor the position and do some calculations? If so that should be ok. Search the forum for encoder, also try the flows site. I am sure there has been discussion of these.

Hi Colin,
Sorry i didn't explained it very well, and many thanks for the feedback.
The incremental encoder is connected to the Pi ( Pin2 for channel A and Pin3 for channel B), and i want to use node-red to calculate and display the values.
I will give another try in the forum.

This looks like a good place to start

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