Influx DB Out node with two databases

Using two databases from one Node-RED installation I discover an issue, maybe someone can help me. Running MQTT, InfluxDB and Node-RED on a RPi with IP-addres I can set the Influx DB Out Node to write to the database which is installed on

Running another Node-RED flow on the same installation, I would like to write to another Influx RPi installation on

Things went wrong when editing the DB Out Nodes to select the required database (.160 or .185). When I edit one of them the other is also changed and vice-versa. So it looks if I cannot use two databases from one Node-RED installation. Can someone give me advice how to solve this.

why not install N0de-RED on RPI and use MQTT to send the data to that NR

It's because I prefer to use them separate: the x.160 is for testing and the x.185 (with loads of memory) is my actual database.

In the InfluxDB out node you can create more than one configuration. If you click on the dropdown box next to Server there is an option to add another server.


Thanks ghayne, I did not know that and it works as you described :wink:

You also don't need the InfluxDB node at all really. I generally don't bother with it. You can use the http-request node and send the request direct to the InfluxDB web interface.