Inject node causing memory leak and node crash eventually


Why does the regular inject node with let's say 5sec intervals which is triggering the whole flow - result in memory leak (memory consumed by node-red process/docker container)?
If I just disable inject node and add http-in node instead and make HTTP requests to it every 5 secs - everything works fine.

But the inject code eventually results in a node-red instance crash due to out of memory error.

How can I fix it? I need a trigger to run my flow by schedule/X seconds interval.
What can I do about it?

Not noticed any mem leaks in inject myself but I'm sure Nick will be interested if it is reproducable.

For workarounds, maybe try node-red-contrib-sun-position or cron+

Do you get the same problem if you disconnect the wires connected to the output? So the messages it creates don't go anywhere?

Thank you, all for reply!
And thanks Colin! I suppose this was the reason. I've disconnected all outputs (it had API output,flex-desh output and vuejs custom dashboard output connected).
So I only left my custom vuejs dashboard connected as the single output, and it seemed to resolve the memory issue!

Wow, I'm so happy now :slight_smile:


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