Inject node documentation issue

I just recently "discovered" that when the inject node is running in its Repeat mode it can still be triggered by clicking the button in the editor. Neither the documentation page nor the help text in the editor quite made that clear to me. Of course, it could be that my reading skills are the issue, but this is such a useful feature that I think it should be spelled out more clearly. I would suggest adding the phrase in italics to the help text:

By default, the node is triggered manually by clicking on its button within the editor. It can also be set to inject at regular intervals or according to a schedule, while still responding to the button.

Really ? It clearly says it can be triggered by clicking the button. If that was disabled in repeat mode we would have hidden the button.


I really hate semantics. It says "by default", suggesting that there are other options. In other words, not "always". Wasn't there a time when hiding the button was not possible?

There has never been a time when the button was hide-able or hidden, and yes there are other options - it can optionally also send automatically (via the repeat). I guess we could remove the words by default.

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I think this is going to turn into one of those 'philosophical' discussions :smirk:


Not if I can help it. I may have been the only person confused by this, and since I'm not any more, we're good.

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