Inject node firing after deploy

I have edited my post, after some investigation:
I have an issue with my inject node. I configured it as pictured bellow, but it fires as soon as I deploy the application:

My original flow consist of the inject node and a debug node only :cold_face:

That is likely due to having it set to repeat every 1 second - its just a normal 1 sec trigger as far as I can see!

Hi Steve,
Is it a normal behaviour then?
My understanding was there is no inject till you press the inject button, then once you click inject it output a message at 1s interval.


That is incorrect.

The inject fires at the interval specified as soon as it is deployed.

If you want that kind of functionality, you could use something like cron-plus node (send a start / stop topic to it)

OR - use a function node and a context flag to inhibit / permit the flow of messages.

OR - use a gate node and inhibit / permit the flow of messages

OR - a trigger node...

OR - many other ways (I'm sure someone will add to this)

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