Auto inject at deploy

I'm playing around with q-gate node and I need it to be open at the start of my testing and sometimes it gets stuck in queued state

So I added an inject node to send the message to open it and I just used to press button to sort things out

Then I got lazy and wanted it to do it automatically when I pressed deploy, so set it to inject after 1 sec but was surprised that it didn't seem to work all the time

Then I worked out that it didn't auto-inject because I'm just deploying changed nodes and so it didn't get triggered

Changing to deploying modified flows of course works

I wondering if there could be a tick box to say - do it on any type of deploy mode

Or is there another way of saving me the trivial effort of clicking the button :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,
I've ben tripped up by that many times (and gone off looking for a problem that didn't exist).

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I noticed the same - intermittently the flow would not start.

It 'seems' like adding " node-red-contrib-startup-trigger" helped in that I don't see the issue anymore but honestly can't remember if other changes may have helped (added PM2 as well).



Do you think there is a bug in the node? If so, please raise an issue on GitHub or post here with more specifics, and I will take a look.

Not at all :slight_smile:
It is the way I'm (mis)using it

I'm just using auto-inject to clear up my mistooks :slight_smile:

Nothing I can do to cure that... :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes- many have tried and failed :slight_smile:

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