Inject node for Deconz RaspBee II for a lidl bulb

i have a Deconz RaspBee II which is connected and running!
i try to do a inject node to change the bulb.
A message output looks like this

9.1.2021, 20:59:35node: b396287a.a52c48
msg.payload : Object
On: true
Brightness: 100
ColorTemperature: 140

the range is

On: true or false
Brightness: 2 - 100 (0 is switched off)
ColorTemperature: 140 - 494

thanks for feedback and a hint

have a nice day

Where you see the Object word, there will be a small triangle.

Click that and it will expand the object.

Better still:

On the top line of the output if you put your cursor to the right you should see a clipboard icon appear.

Click that, ("copied to clip board" message appears)

Paste that in a reply.

Before pasting click the </> button in the top of the edit window and it will format the output so people can see/read/use/understand it.

Screenshot from 2021-01-10 11-46-29

thanks for your feedback @Trying_to_learn
the question is more how do a Inject node have to be set to modifie the light by the node.
But yes, looking for a inject node information is only in the title

have a nice day

You use the inject node to establish what the bulb wants to see to change its brightness - or what ever else.

Once you have that working, you can then write the code.

Otherwise you are writing code which does nothing and still can't control the bulb.
Which I am thinking is not what you want to do.

You also haven't shown the complete structure of all the parts of the message.

It also may be nice if you could capture a message being sent out of the bulb.
That may help you see what you need to set.

yes i know, but the node itself is useless without parameters to inject and this i don't find and do not understand how to do it, or where to get them from

Yes, but you haven't shown the complete thing you inject.

How about this:

Select the inject node. Export it and paste it here.

Oh, other dumb questions from me:
Have you been to: Here and done all the installs mentioned?
And Here. and the same?

Yeah, ok, you may not need to do ALL of them. But it may be handy to know which ones you have and not done.

all works - except i can't modifie it by a inject node!

It is up and running and connected and all works fine i just can't change the bulb

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