Input row from Excel spreadsheet

I'm a rank newbie, having trouble with my first Node-RED project. I'm using Node-RED v.3.0.2, with node blocks from "node-red-contrib-spreadsheet-in", v.0.6.0.

The task is to input a particular row from a workbook sheet, with the input row range given in a particular cell in another sheet of the same workbook. My Flow 1 works fine to obtain the row range from the spreadsheet. Flow 2 uses the "sheet-to-JSON" function to input the row data. This flow also works fine, if I type the desired range into the "Range" field of the function block.

What does not work is when I make a global variable from the range obtained in Flow 1, and insert the variable into the "Range" field of the function block. Is there another way to do this task?

David, welcome to the forum and sorry no one has replied yet.

It would be helpful it you provided some more information:

  • an export of a small flow demonstrating our issue
  • an copy of a small spreadsheet that will show the issue.


Thanks for checking on me. I came up with a work-around for the problem I had run into. So all is well now, I’m making good progress.



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