Install contrib-opcua offline

I am on a project getting data from a PLC over OPCUA to a SQL Server. Therefor i wanted to use NodeRed. The RemotePC where i can connect to the OPCUA does not have an active internet connection. I already finished the installation of NodeRed offline. But now I really have a Problem to get the modules working.
I copied all the required node_modules but i always get an Syntaxerror. Can anyone please help me.

Try downloading the tgz from npm then use the upload function in the palette manager.

Running npm pack PACKAGE_NAME on an internet connected device should download a tarball of the package.

Can you please explain how to download the tgz from npm? Never done this before?

As i said...


I got the .tgz for contrib opcua, copied it to the offline PC, but there i got an installation error. Do I miss something?


did you not use the upload tgz feature?



Also, did you remember to remove the other copied files you had added :point_down:

Yes. On the online PC I created the tgz.file. The I copied it to the offline RemotePC. There I first removed the copied modules for the opcua. Then I started there NodeRed and did the upload of the tgz. It started to install, but gives me an Error, because of no Internet Connection.

The Error i posted on the picture above, i only get on the offline PC. On the online device the contrib-opcua modules are working.

It may be trying to get dependencies.

You could also grab the dependencies of the contrib opcua node & install those using the command line then try upload the tgz again (hint, the dependencies are listed in contrib opcua's package.json file under dependencies)

Alternatively, you could try packing WITH dependencies using something like @tar-erpedia/deep-pack

Otherwise, you could start again & using try the alternate-node-red-installer by Julian - you would install everything you need then copy all of the that to the offline PC.

The alternate installer is not really working for me. I tried the deep-pack, now i got a tgz-file for every dependency. How do i have to use them? Is there a special command to unpack them?

sure, but thats not what you would do.

Show me what you did and show me what got from running deep-pack

I followed the instruction you send me (@tar-erpedia/deep-pack - npm) So i installed npm i @tar-erpedia/deep-pack -g
On the Online device I typed in the following command "npm-deep-pack node-red-contrib-opcua"
The I got the following files, just every dependency as an tgz-file

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