Install node red on old android, how to?

Hi to all users!
I have several old android smartphones and tablets, I would like to use them as devices for domotic applications.
I followed instructions about installing node red on android but I can't install packages, neither termux available, I suppose due I'm running too old android version such 6.
Is there a way to install node red?

You should be able to get termux for android 6 on fdroid.
Scratch that you can get it here Termux on android 5 or 6 · termux/termux-app Wiki · GitHub

Ok, I'm inside my smartphone, btw, it's Android 5.5.5, but no available apt, dpkg, opkg commands, and not present /etc/apt folder...
How can I install packages?

What does the initial screen show
You should be able to install the root repo
pkg install root-repo

I have this running on an old android 6 with nodejs 12 and node-red 1.35. with no issues. I used the instructions on Running on Android : Node-RED

If it really is that old and not a "vital" piece of kit - you could maybe reflash it with a newer version of android eg one of the Lineage distributions - that may get you to v6 or v7, which may have a better chance or running termux... but caveat emptor.

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