oiyshTerminal - local IoT solusion one click installation for android

I like to share with you all my project oiyshTerminal.
It's a solution for not only my need's :slight_smile: Every one who want to have own IoT server on own device now can install all the puzzles with one click.

Full description of project: Home 路 yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal Wiki 路 GitHub

Only essence installer: installer 路 yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal Wiki 路 GitHub

If you have any question ask me on github or on forum :slight_smile:

Let the force be with you!

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Hello @yOyOeK1, welcome to the forum.

Would you describe your project as an installation script for Node-red and a selection of associated applications?

Or is it a cookbook for iot apps on Android?

Is it just for Android?
What do you suggest is the minimum Android version?

It's a solution to get a working instance of Node-red on android in termux. So after installation you have a full shell an android.
With working apps on ports:
ssh :2222
mosquitto :10883
mysqld :3306
grafana :3000
nodeRed :1880

For now it's only for android and I think 7 or higher. Termux 118 tested.

Access to apk and there is also at the end debian in chroot directory.

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I have previously put Node-red in Termux on a very old Android, probably a Google Nexus 4, the most elegant phone I've ever had but sadly useless nowadays.
I found it very slow, certainly wouldn't want to add grafana and mysql!

I'm sure your project will be very handy with a more powerful phone/tablet

You need to give it a try. There will be some problems with repositories from termux. But one time I set it up on my Nexus 7 running 4.0 android.
Plan with it is to have a fast way to set all important things in one go.
On cheap cheap accessible every ware device. You can buy/find phone in a locker :stuck_out_tongue:
Later use important apps for you. Node-red, mysql ...... add something in C. there is a gcc ready!
After installer finish.
I'm using it for yyyyy svg instruments

You can check more about:


looking forward to get some feedback from you with your journey with oiyshTerminal :slight_smile: