Install script failing on nodejs install

Trying to setup a test machine using an old Dell 64bit computer. I am familiar with Raspbian so I decided to give it a go on PC. Installed raspbian for PC. Now trying to install NodeRed. Script fails at installing NodeJS. Log shows it is installing but will only install v10.x. I believe this is failing becuase it is expecting 12.x. Is this correct? I have updated my apt sources lists and can see via deb.nodesource...12.x... buster main does exists. So what is my hang up getting apt-get to update the latest NodeJS?

Raspbian is 32 bit. Node really requires 64 bit os. There are unsupported builds available. The latest install script should work but you may need to uninstall node 10 first.

You’d be better off just installing Ubuntu or one of its variants like Ubuntu mate or mint.

Thank you for the direction. I felt I was going to need to use a different OS.

You don't have to go 64bit, but.... it will a lot simpler if you did... Personally I like Ubuntu Mate as it's fairly lightweight and behaves much like Raspbian.

The Raspbian guys are working on 64bit for the Pi4 - and there is code around - but who knows if they will port it to intel/amd chips.

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