Install on RPi replaced nodejs with older version

Hello, I just installed Node-RED on my Raspberry Pi 4, using your recommended batch command, which said it would only update nodejs if the version was less than 8.

I had just built the latest Github 12.13.0 version, but your batch command replaced it with 10.17 nodejs. Why did that happen? Should not 12.13.0 be preferred over 10.17? Should I rebuild 12.13

Currently nodejs 10.x is the preferred version which I guess is why it downgraded it. It appears that text in the docs is not correct. It is possible that some contributed nodes are not fully 12.x compatible. However I suspect that very soon the script will be amended to allow 12.x.

Did you have a particular reason for wanting 12.x? If so then you don't need to build it as this method will install it for you I believe.

The script looks for anything 7 or below, or 9 .
Not sure why it would download 12 - will need to investigate.
12 is (or should be fine).

I have checked it on Ubuntu 19.10 with node 10 installed from nodesource and it does replace it. Install log shows

Reading package lists...
Building dependency tree...
Reading state information...
E: Unable to locate package nodered
Now install nodejs
Updating nodejs v12
Using nodesource.list
Removing nodejs v12

and then goes on to put 10 in.

I have pushed a fix to the linux installers - can you retry / retest ? Thanks
(def not tried on ubuntu 19.10... so would be useful to know)

Fixed on Ubuntu 19.10