Upgrading RPi-3B to latest version of Node-RED

I'm trying to grade a RPi-3B, running Buster, to Node-RED 2.0.5
After the upgrade Node-RED gives loads of error message, I suspect because nodejs is still v8.17.0
I used this bash script. This is a screen-shot of the update report.

Screen Shot 08-25-21 at 10.05 AM

Any suggestions on what I could try next to update Node.js to v12 ?

What does the install log show?

What does this show?
apt policy nodejs

see this thread:

I don't think that is the issue, it says it is installing 12 but ends up with 8 so something odd is going on.

pi@RPi_138:~ $ apt policy nodejs
E: Invalid operation policy

I've just cleared the logs as they are lengthy and will do another install and will then post the log.

Are you sure you are running Buster?

Hi Colin,
I suspect that could be the problem, this is the result of doing lsb_release -a
Screen Shot 08-25-21 at 11.31 AM
I was sure I upgraded Stretch to Buster. I'll go through the steps again.

I always use cat /etc/os-release

pi@testpi : ~ $ cat /etc/os-release
PRETTY_NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)"
NAME="Raspbian GNU/Linux"
VERSION="10 (buster)"
SUPPORT_URL="RaspbianForums - Raspbian"
BUG_REPORT_URL="RaspbianBugs - Raspbian"
pi@testpi : ~ $

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me yesterday.

I spent 3-hrs yesterday whilst the RPi-3B was updating from Stretch to Buster only to be hit with some error messages about pkgs!! If I'd known it was going to take that long I wouldn't have bothered and would have gone immediately to plan-B.

Plan-B. This morning I've flashed a brand new SD card with 2021-05-07-raspios-buster-armhf, installed Node-RED then used the above script to get to v2.0.0-beta.2 the did an update to get to Node-RED v2.0.5 and can report everything is working fine.
Thankfully I backed-up the project area from the old SD card and will copy this over to the new one.
Screen Shot 08-26-21 at 09.44 AM

Plan B - Always the better plan in my opinion

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