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Using the script here with existing node 8.14.0 and npm 6.4.1 I was expecting it would update my system to Node 10 - but according to node -v it is still 8.14.0 - granted everything now seems to install (nodes) but the log for NR (0.19.5) definitely states that I'm still running node 8.14.0

Take a look at the installation page of the docs

When the page changes, the upgrade script will change as well.

I expect it will start using 10.x soon, but I believe the node-RED team is delaying that until they are certain that there are no problems with 10. I believe there were some nodes that needed to be upgraded.
I have been using 10 on my test system for some time with no ill effects, but of course I am not using all possible nodes.

New installs on pi will get v10. As v8 is still long term service we don’t force it to upgrade as that also needs any of your nodes with binary to be updated and as you know that isn’t always as smooth as it should be.

Ok well, I tried forcing it and i2c failed – so I went back to a backup and it is fine with 8…


You know that when you change major versions of Node.JS, you generally need to rebuild any binary components? I often just delete my node_modules folder and reinstall everything.

For some reason I thought DaveCJs script did that.

I only update the core nodes, not going to risk breaking everyone else's :wink:


Now uing the official node-red-upgrade script in “the script” to install NR and Node. Don’t want to interfere with it hence a link not a copy. Your script asks if you are sure?? Is there any chance of a command line option to say yes on that one so it does not hold things up?




    echo y | update-nodejs-and-nodered
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hi, thanks, but there are 3 questions asked by official update-nodejs-and-nodered script:

  • line 33, if want to continue in case of running as root: this is already prevented by Pete's script, so it does not matter, it'll never happen for us:
  • line 64: this is the main one we want to skip, of course, as it's asking to proceed or not...
  • line 71: this MAY or MAY NOT be ok to answer yes... for example, if installing in a virtual machine, why add rpi specific nodes you can't use?

the final ones are not Pi specific - they are just ones we add to the basic Pi install, that aren't in the core - that the user may want if they are familiar with the Pi install - like the random, smooth, play-audio, serialport and watson-iot nodes.

The script is mainly aimed at Pi users - using it elsewhere is fine, but there may be better ways if installing in a clean vm for example.

That question will automatically time out after 15 secs (with a No answer)

oh, so it's fine, i'll modify Peter's script accordingly, then, thanks


to these 3: