Installation of node-red-dashboard

I'm 100% new to Node-RED, and I have been introduced to Node-RED from Milesight, and intended use is to communicate with LoRa sensors and nodes via LoRa Gateway.
When trying to install the Node-RED dashboard, I get the error message shown below.
Why do I get this error message, and what can I do to be able to install the dashboard successfully?


Did you view the log as suggested?

I did, but I must admit I don't get much out of it:

A quick google search using EAI_AGAIN shows 'EAI_AGAIN means the DNS server replied that it cannot currently fulfill the request.'

Are you running in a Docker container?
What platform is NR running on and what OS?
What version of NR and Node.js (you ca find these in the NR startup log)

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