Installation on Ubuntu 22.4. Only works on 1880 and no SSL

Not exactly sure what I am missing here. I followed the tutorials from this website.
(How to Connect Your Internet of Things with Node-RED on Ubuntu 16.04 | DigitalOcean)

  • Installed Nginx on Ubuntu 22.04. > works perfectly
  • Setup Security certificate for https > works perfectly
  • Setup vsftpd and installed certificate > works perfectly
  • Node-red is installed and working at port 1880 with Admin & User and password also working

These are not working:

It is not cominhg up under node-red.heimdallbot(dot)com but on heimdallbot(dot)com:1880

Can someone please help me on this as I am stuck for a few days now?

Welcome to the forum @Thor

That would appear to be a problem with your nginx or digitalocean configuration rather than a node-red problem so this might not be the best place to ask.

I am not exactly sure to be honest. I have tried everything that has been suggested. The entire deloyment is for running Node-Red and that is the one thing that is not working. When someone suggested I bring this to a Node-Red forum, I joined here and hoping someone could give me some direction.

@hardillb has recently published details and simple setup for running 1 (or many) node-red instances under FlowForge in a digitalocean droplet

You can find the FlowForge entry in the Digital Ocean Marketplace here. You will need a domain to host the FlowForge app and any projects you end up running.

It will run in the $6 a month Droplet size, but you may want to bump it to to one of the large offerings depending on how many projects you want to end up running.

I watched Ben do a demo and took him less than 10 mins to have a fully working node-red.

I am already using FlowForge and its great. I am on a $15 per month plan and every now and again I get a warning saying payload is too big. I guess then want me to pay more for the next level up ($50 per month).

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