Integer limit and extract from payload

We could ask @apex which of the solutions he finds easiest to understand.

Or we could let him decide and not worry about it :smile_cat:

For me, time to relax with a movie I think. Enough brain cells exercised for one day, I need to chill.

thanks all, yesterday i try the .length solution and now everything works fine.

I will take a look of ForEach tomorrow and dig of it.

And i have another question regarding this work.

Now i want to make the "start " or "end" of the chart x axis be assignable /settable ,

And i am plotinng the data from the API to the chart using this

`series = [];
data = [];
labels = [];


msg.payload = [{"series":series, "data":data,"labels": labels}];

return msg;`

i find this  ``

is 99% similar to what i need, but i need many time to digest it~

Please do a screen capture and paste that rather than a link somewhere else. You can paste an image into the post directly.

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