Integration With BMS Schneider

Hello Everybody, I new in Node-red and I had a BMS Schneider ( EcoStruxure)
it's controller part number: (AS-P SmartX control) it is a Automation server with tcp/ip protocol
and http protocol.
I want to send orders from node red to the controller with
tcp/ip or http
I have tried to send package to it with tcp node
or post a order by http node and I failed
please anyone can help me

Any Help?! crystal ball is dark.
Is there a specification of the BMS API, either for http or tcp/ip (maybe modbus protocol)?.
What did you try so far and what are the error responses you got?

Edit: ...looks like its a line of equipment using BacNet...did you check and try this ? -> node-red-contrib-bacnet (node) - Node-RED

flows.json (100.9 KB)
this is what I have tried so far
unfortunately, the protocol of master controller is TCP/IP
So I use wire shark to get certain package and I have tried to send the package using node red
I haven't get any response from the controller or any errors.

wiithout at least a hint of the underlying raw protocol I don't see a way to solve this easily.
Trying to hack into that thing and reverse engineering from wireshark logs is a strange way to go.
My assumption is, that the owner of that equipment is entitled to documentation (altough might not be allowed to share in public).
The only end-2-end protocol mentioned in the broshure is BacNet.

Edit: have you checked this:

Thank you for your reply.
yes I have checked the link.... but the controller act as master not a slave.
much appreciated for your help

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