Newbie Guide for Node-Red BACnet IP

Hi Everyone,

I am new to node-red and wanted to learn on how to integrate my BACnet IP device to Node-Red. I have been checking youtube but there's none. Hope you guys can share some step by steps guide.
I wanted to use raspberry pi to control and monitor the LG device for air-conditioning system.

Device: LG AC Smart 5
Protocol: BACnet IP
Unit ID: 0
Example: I wanted to control the AC at "ac_StartStopCommand_0"

Thank you in advance!

Ok first

  1. install node-red-contrib-bacnet (node) - Node-RED

Also you will need an BACnet explorer if using a PC
With this install you get three demo server applications "a wall mounted room controller simulator"
You can run the room controller on your PC and use this flow to interact with it.
This flow node-red-contrib-bacnet/bacnet-room-simulator-yabe.json at master · BiancoRoyal/node-red-contrib-bacnet · GitHub You will need to modify ip address in flow to point to your PC

This will help familiarise yourself with how NR BACnet reads and writes to a BACnet server.
So spend some time with the example flow and then extend it to start reading points from LG unit

The next step after this get much more technical but I can help with that as what you want is a multiple read and that requires calling an external nodejs library from a function node


Hi iiLaw,

Good day!
Thanks for the quick response. I will download and test those you have mentioned.
Will feedback as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

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