Pi as Bacnet device

The goal is to have a pi as a Bacnet device.
So the pi can be read by a plc or another pi

I have tried node-red-contrib-bacnet but there is no "I am"

Has someone made succesfully a pi as Bacnet device and how ?

Hi are you planning BACnet IP or MS/TP e.g RS485 ?

If you want it read by PLC you would be better off using Modbus there is very rich node-red node for that.

There is a node-red BACnet node that acts as IP client to read & write to a BACnet server. To achieve your aim you will need to write client/server to support either/both BACnet IP - MS/TP as there is No BACnet server for node-red

I would start by looking at GitHub - BiancoRoyal/node-bacstack: The BACnet protocol library written in pure JavaScript

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