BACnet-Read - no data read possible

Hey all,
i am trying to connect node-red via BACNet-IP to a climate-computer, but i am not able to read the data.

BacNET is working, as you can see in the following screenshot

here my config:

bacnet device:

bacnet client (node-red):

bacnet instance:

bacnet property:

Could anybody help how to configure node-red?

BR Bernd

I am new to Node-Red and I'm also trying to make BACnet/IP work. From what I see, in your Node-Red is your not actually "doing" anything. You have a BACnet discovery tool and that is sending out a Who-Is and pulling in Data for you to see. In your NR you have a connection setup but not requesting anything. did you link it to a Debug and see what the output is for it?

Hi have you used the example flow?

Also looking at your read I don't recognise what your trying to READ.
If your trying read a device description 
Your Type needs to be        : 8
Your instance                : 0453800
Your Property Id             : 28
Multiple read                : checked 

If want to retrieve everything for investigation
Your Type needs to be        : 8
Your instance                : 0453800
Your Property Id             : 8
Multiple read                : checked 

to read Analog value-94 00 Zentrale ...
Your Type needs to be        : 2   // analog value
Your instance                : 1   
Your Property Id             : 85  // pv present valve
Multiple read                :

When you use example flow does whois at least return Device 0453800 in the debug window?
Where are you running Node-RED ?

Are you running the CC Discovery tool on the climate-computer ?
I ask as I've found that if your running a BACnet explorer on a same PC as yabe room sat simulator/demo server then NR BACnet read or write will Fail. So that might be the issue.

A final note node-red BACnet works for simple read/write I've been running on my test rig for over a year with out any problems.

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