BACnet read issue


I am using the BACnet integration. I have a virtual BACnet device setup, with a binary input as shown below hosted on

And I have this code in Node-RED:

        "id": "16d448de43b736aa",
        "type": "BACnet-Read",
        "z": "55b4538ddc27384f",
        "name": "",
        "objectType": "3",
        "instance": "3a2c102cd631893f",
        "propertyId": "85",
        "device": "0b38fd2fc12a911a",
        "server": "3effe912e7670a06",
        "multipleRead": false,
        "x": 300,
        "y": 260,
        "wires": [
        "id": "3a2c102cd631893f",
        "type": "BACnet-Instance",
        "name": "Binary Input",
        "instanceAddress": "0"
        "id": "0b38fd2fc12a911a",
        "type": "BACnet-Device",
        "name": "PC",
        "deviceAddress": ""
        "id": "3effe912e7670a06",
        "type": "BACnet-Client",
        "name": "Node-RED",
        "adpuTimeout": "6000",
        "port": "47808",
        "interface": "",
        "broadcastAddress": ""

Whenever I try and read the device, I get the following responses:


To test my config, I switched the IP addresses as follows:

Node-RED server as "device" and the host running the BACnet simulator, as "client", After doing this, I receive this response:


I have Node-RED installed as a snap package on Ubuntu, running on Hyper-V, which works fine, and all firewalls have been disabled on the VM and also the machine hosting the BACnet device simulator.

Any ideas?


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