Interactive chart with zoom and a cursor functionality

Dear developers,

I was wondering whether the chart node incase of a time graph, could be enhanced to have a option of having a second y-axis (or n y axes),data coming in could be differentiated with a new property e.g like msg.type where type defines the relation to the y axis incase of multiple axes.

another feature would be a zoom in/out functionality ((+) and (-) button would be sufficient , with an option of selecting which direction is to be zoomed)

and last but not least a switchable cursor line (a straight line over the whole graph) which shows the value of the data as you browse through the x axis.

Best regards

have you tried the vega charts?

or uplot charts?

not yet I'll try both of them thanks for the tip

Hello ..

Apexcharts are also quite popular and there are a couple of examples on this Forum

thank you for the tips, the apexChart variant would be exactly what i'm looking for. i just now need an example of how to use it.

Thanks and a happy new year!

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