Interesting even with LINK nodes

I was messing around and using some LINK nodes.

I noticed a problem in how you can connect them.

Seems you aren't limited to connecting the virtual out to the virtual in.

Seems you can connect the virtual out to the REAL IN.

See attached.


Oh, and the two bottom link nodes are connected, horizontally only.

Be warned!
It really messes up the flow.

Pressing either A or B, there is the initial display in the respective A or B debug node.
But then it screams which ever button you pressed down the debug list on the right until you get this:
"RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded"
If you press A or B

See next picture.


Anyway, that aside there is also a problem with how NR deals with the link.

When I select it and delete it, the DEPLOY button doesn't activate.
See next two pictures.


Just mentioning.
Is this a bug?

Looks like a fun bug :slight_smile:

You might want to say what version of Node-RED though.

(Sorry, I am typing it so often these days I forget where/when I typed it.)

NR: 0.20.3
Dashboard: 2.15.4

me@me-desktop:~/.node-red$ node -v

Have you tested it with the latest version to see if it has already been fixed?


I don't know how to reply to that.

To the best of my knowledge it is the latest.

If it isn't, well.... Sorry.

I would love to be able to recall all the update commands for all the programs, but I can't.

Could you help me with how to update it if it isn't?
(Other than a link)


For anyone who is running the same version as I am and have the problem, they know it isn't them going mad.

The current version number can be found here:

Rather than repeat the upgrade instructions that are contained in the docs, you can read them there
I'm sure you've upgraded node-red before.

Well, I dug around and found this:

bash <(curl -sL

But that starts asking me about RasPi stuff..... Granted it kind of has raspbian-deb-packages in the name.

I am updating one of my RPIs just now.

But this is going to take a while on a RPZ.

Version now 0.20.5

(On the RPZ(W) not the Ubuntu one)

Hmm, makes me think that it would be useful to have something - a script maybe - that outputs the installed and latest versions of Node.js, npm, node-red and packages listed in ~/.node-red/package.json (or more accurately <userDir>/package.json).

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Something I "noticed"....

When updating the RPZ(W) NR was 0.20.3
node -v was v8.16.0

After the update it is:

pi@TelePi:~/.node-red $ node -v
pi@TelePi:~/.node-red $ 

That is backwards.

Not really game to update the Ubuntu one just yet.

Right: Update with Link nodes.

See pictures for version.

Interesting thing I noticed too:

In the previous version when I connected the top link output to the bottom link input, it did it only that way.

Now, with the latest version it automagically does it both ways.
See pictures.


It still crashes and stack overflow error.
The problem remains as far as I can see.

And P.S.

When I delete the link between the link nodes, the DEPLOY button isn't activated (still).

This was fixed in 0.20.4 - or are you saying otherwise ?


I can only say what I see.

The pi upgrade script should work ok on Ubuntu, it is how I do it.

Odd - thought we handleded that properly, but I can see in the latest code it is indeed broken. Thanks for reporting.

That is on Ubuntu.

I just went through the motions on a RPI.


I guess you don't want/need the piccies?

If you do, let me know.

Did you remember to force a full browser refresh (usually Ctrl+F5).
What version of NR have you got now? Look in NR startup log.

What does
apt-cache policy nodejs

@colin - no need - we can see the issue

Thanks Colin.

I have since found a later command which I had documented.
(Yeah, my filing system needs an overhaul)

I now use:
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red
Though I am .... a bit weary of it as I have been through the motions of sudo.... before.
And it kind of doesn't say if it needs to be run from the home or node-red directory.

I have been caught out many times on that and was told it has to be the .node-red directory.


You see the pictures with the new version in the red circle/elipse. 0.20.5