Bug report - Link nodes

I am messing around with link nodes.

I have buttons and a lot of inter-button connections.

(Sorry I goofed with the screen shots.)

First one you can see the nodes with the links.
I delete the one indicated. (Cropped picture)
When deleted, the nodes show as changed but the deploy is not active. (Bigger picture)



It wouldn't hurt to file bug report.

(Wearing appropriate P.P.E.)

How do I do that?

I can't see a "bug report" when posting a new thread.

You could do that or most people report the bug as a GitHub issue. https://github.com/node-red/node-red/issues

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If you do open a bug report, please add a link here. For the sake of completeness.:nerd_face:

This was fixed in 1.0

Thanks @knolleary.

I just wasn't sure and wanted to check. I saw other bugs with the link node before.

I guess I have to live with it until I update. Though people here have advised me not to update.
I'm still not sure what to do.

You have two choices:

  1. setup a test environment and try all or parts of your flows you are unsure about
  2. if you're courageous, npm i node-red@1 and restart Node-RED :see_no_evil:

I would choose 1.

Well - definitely don't do 2 - if you do want to upgrade follow the proper install/upgrade instructions.

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I am actually running several instances of Node-RED on my server, each implementing different parts of my system, including instances for testing new flows or features.
That comes in very handy during upgrades, because I am able to upgrade them separately to a new version. E.g., I kept one instance still running 0.20.8, while all others run on 1.0.1 now.