Iobroker-in/Iobroker-get read the msg.topic



I am working for a company that uses node-red to connect to iobroker and modbus to access hardware booleans and registers. Here's what my flow looks like:

timestamp/Iobroker GET/Function/CSV/SaveFile
................/Iobroker IN/Function/CSV/SaveFile (Iobroker In connects to the same function as Iobroker get)

This is the code for the function:

var tempPay = {"topic":msg.topic, "status":msg.payload};
msg.payload = tempPay;
return msg;

Here's the problem: The topic I am accessing seems to be coming from timestamp when I use timestamp. Is there a way to get the topic of the Iobroker Get node when it runs and get the topic of the Iobroker In when it runs? I've used the debug node to see the complete msg, but I don't see the topic of the Iobroker Get or Iobroker IN. Any Ideas?



Show us what you mean with screenshots of the debug output from the lobroker nodes.


In the meantime, if you mean that the topic from the lobroker node is just the topic you set in the timestamp then what is the topic that you are expecting to see there?
What is this lobroker anyway?