Subscribe to topics like in iobroker VIS


I'm trying to convert everything I had (scripts and visualization) in IoBroker to Node-RED.
But somehow I can't find a good way to "subscribe" to my datapoints.
The iobroker-get node needs to be triggered "manually" while the iobroker-list seems to be for subscriptions (a.k.a. reacts to changes).
The thing is... it triggers even without changes.

Example: I want to get a notification with Telegram if one of my Windows/Doors is opened/closed.
In iobroker, this works perfectly fine with subscribing to the corresponding datapoints.

But when using the iobroker-list node, I get random notifications with the current state, even if I set it to ignore unless value changes.

Is there a better way to subscribe to iobroker datapoints than the list node? Or am I doing something wrong with the settings?

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