IOT- How to send payload from IOT platform to raspberry pi GPIO

Hello, how do I send payload from an IOT platform to raspberry pi GPIO?
I would like to switch my led from an IOT platform. Which IOT service does this?

Which IoT platform? Where is the LED? On the Pi or somewhere else?

There are so many options that it is hard to give specific guidance without understanding more.

For example, you could wire an LED into your Pi and control it directly from Node-RED. At the other extreme, you could use a Phillips Hue LED bulb controlled from Node-RED via Alexa or Google Assistant. There are doubtless hundreds of other variations.

I really appreciate your response. The LED I connected to my a pin on my Raspberry pi. I was able to connect the node through nodered, and I was able to switch the led via a dashboard switch node. I just needed to integrate IOT to the node, so I can be able to switch the led from anywhere in the world.

OK. To allow access to Node-RED from anywhere, there are a few options.

Generally, the safest - and arguably the easiest to set up safely - is to use a Telegram node to create a "bot" in the Telegram service. You would install the Telegram app on your mobile and create a command that lets you turn on/off the LED.

You could also use Dashboard to create a web interface and then allow access to that over the Internet. But this is much harder to set up safely.

Thanks, would do just that. I could even generate a link where I'ld send message to the bot

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