Irrigation dashboard

I need to create a dashboard for the control of an irrigation system.
The plant consists of many devices distributed over a crop. I would like to have a dashboard in which to represent each device in the system as a tab where I see the status of the device, whether it is working or not and other information (as in the attached image).
Do you have any suggestions on how to set up the job or which nodes to use? Thanks.


I think this will largely depend on how the devices communicate. What are they and how will they send their data? Are they wired or wireless etc.

I have wired devices that communicate via mqtt and devices via radio (lorawan protocol)
For the communication part I shouldn't have big problems. The problem is on the dashboard. I would like to have a dashboard where each device is represented by a tab where I put icons, buttons or information but I don't know which graphic development tool to use. (I'm a donkey using javascript ...)

What type of IO/Sensors?

Flow Meters? Solenoids? Proximity Switches?

All very easy to visualize using standard dashboard nodes with almost no javascript customization necessary.

Maybe draw out your screens on paper and snap a photo and share it with folks... They could help you.

For instance, the doors you are showing could easily be represented with simple red/green ui-leds.... You can use little horizontal bars to show how long they've recently been opened or closed....

The devices can control up to 4 solenoids and read analog and digital sensors. I was thinking of some synthetic tabs (as in the figure) that once clicked send to a detail page of the device.
Thank you

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