[Announce] remote device table (and collaboration wanted)

after a lot of work (perhaps too much work) I like to share my first beta version of a flow to display the status of remote devices on the dashboard. It is always good to have an eye on your sensors and actuators especially when they are connected wireless or battery powered. The flow first developed around my homie-convention-node but soon I decided to make it more versatile because I have devices around the house which not support the homie convention.
Currently supported are:

  • homie devices (certainly) version 3.0.x and 4.0.1 (with extensions)
  • all kind mqtt devices (I included my Android Tablet running WallPanel)
  • devices which gives status data via http get requests (json data but other formats certainly possible)
  • homematic devices via custom node (others can be used to)

This is where I`m asking if anybody is interested in this project and likes to contribute nodes to include their favorite devices or custom firmware

I tried to make the flow easy to customize by Node-RED standard nodes (the function node in particular but others are possible to). I tried to document everything as good as possible. Moderate JavaScript knowledge is certainly a benefit but I have tried to include many examples.

The flow makes heavy use of the recent version of ui-table to enable updates down to table cell level without sending the whole table over and over again. It also uses the ui_control feature to style the table. Most of the work around the table is done by a singe subflow which can be seen as a custom node light.

So If anybody has a use case for something like this and like to add their own devices feel free to give it a shot:

  • I think about tasmota, ESPEasy (without homie plugin), ESPurna, ESPHome or any other one or of the shelf devices like IKEA, Phillips ...
  • Or if you like to digest usefull information out of the "standardized" data stream you can add a plugin (or improve the exiting ones)
  • Or if you like to develop different table styles for ui-table you can make custom configuration json objects with fancy callback functions. (i.e. the fantastic filter options of tabulator aka. ui-table are currently unused).
  • Or because I`m a bed room coder perhaps somebody likes to improve performance and functionality.

What you need

Beside the beta state this is not a drop in ready to use node but on the other hand you can customize it as you like

I don't know if the idea is totally stupid but I thought perhaps to give it a try. The documentation perhaps looks comprehensive and is perhaps too much but need defiantly a lot of work (but I first want to find out if it is worth the effort). Most recent documentation you find in the nodes info panel.

You can find a lot of information and the current version of the flow here:

One note for ESPEasy users: I`m using a upgraded version of the two homie plugins for ESPEasy to support homie extensions where I did not find the time to make a PR. I try to do the soon. Please contact me if urgently you need a compiled build or use the current dev build and the "alternative Homie source" part of the together with http request to get all the important data


Eine Menge Arbeit, sehr schoen!


I only now came across this project. Looks great Christian. Thanks for sharing !!!

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There are many things to improve ...
I thought together we could build a versatile tool to keep an eye on our wireless devices no matter which system they are running.

I do have wireless devices in my setup as well. They are based on WLAN/MQtt, zigbee, enocean. So, I will definitely come back to this, most probably as of next week. I'll get back to you then.

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Suggestion: add a requirements section to ReadMe noting the names (and links to) all non base nodes used.

Good Idea, will do that

I was sent here when looking for a configurable table.

I just started looking and feel I have to take my hat off to you.

Well done.

I shall study it and see if I can gather the intelligence to be able to use it.

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Can help to learn :grinning:

I don't want to abuse the offer. I shall do a lot of study first.

Believe me: I set a new level of stupid.

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