How Can Monitor All my Equipment in One in dashboard

Hi everyone. Im monitoring to my PLC devices.
As you see photo Im only see max 6 PLC devices. If I resize smaller and add soe more PLC device, it looks not good.
Is it possible to make one page and if my PLC input or outputs gets error, I want to see a pop up for example " PLC 1 input 5 error " like this. Thanks for your advance.

I think you've hit the limitations of this dashboard layout. You might need to look at alternate solutions or nest the detail as you have said with an error log.

Perhaps triggering helpful text strings if certain conditions are met and these being displayed on the table object?

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Indeed, you either have to shrink those widgets even smaller, or look to use multiple tabs (with maybe a summary screen with just he key information) or else as @brew suggests you maybe into custom dashboard mode... Possibly via node-red-contrib-uibuilder that lets you bring other ui frameworks to help build your own ui... Alternatively there is one also built on components - that is sort of in between in that you build it yourself - but there are pre-built components to help.

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I will check you and brew suggestion, I didnt creeate my own dashboard before and no experience about it.
thank you.

Perhaps a little bit advanced - but possible as all your devices giving the same datapoints:

  • Collect all your data in a central function node.
  • have a dropdown widget to select the device you like to inspect
  • send the data to the widgets as you select a device via the dropdown
  • Analyse the incoming data for problems and triger a notification
  • switch to that device in case of an alarm

Or: use ui-table to present the data in one table - your gauges could be then be progress bar cells and alarms can be indicated by highlighting the background color of a row like I do in my remote device table for a (nearly) unlimited and dynamically generated list of devices.


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