Help with displaying many devices' data from TTN in the Dashboard

I have been messing around with Node-RED for one of my projects and am really happy with what I've managed to do using it so far. The last hurdle I have (that I know of!) is being able to display the data that is sent by many The Things Network LoRa nodes. I am able to receive the data from all of my TTN nodes (with each message containing the device's unique ID, along with sensor data, etc.) but would like to display it all in the dashboard. The question I have is: "Is there a way to have just 1 dashboard, but can switch to view the data coming in from different devices, via a dropdown or something similar?". I don't want to have to manually make a dashboard tab (with hard-coded device ID's) per device, as then for each additional device I add I'd have to hard-code a tab for that individual device.
I have tried looking around for solutions for a lot of yesterday but as I'm quite new to Node-RED, I may have been missing something obvious.

Thanks for taking your time in reading this, and any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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