Manage multiple devices with 4 sensors each

Hi Guys,

I need to receive data from multiple devices (classroom). Each student device has a temperature, humidity, distance and an encoder.

I want to have a drop-down list which shows all the devices. When selecting a device, I want the data to be displayed on the Dashboard using the right interface depending on the data to display.

I have read this article about Multiple devices feeding a single gauge. In the article, there are 9 nodes for 3 devices for a single output. This is a no-go in my case. I have around 20 devices, 4 sensors which would mean more than a 100 nodes if I would be using the article example! And each time a new device is added I would need at least an extra 8 nodes...

How can I just have a drop-down list of devices and feed the data to the flow depending on the selected device?

Thank you

That flow looks OK to me - you don't need the nine nodes as they just make sample data.

You will have to have a node for your data input then route it via the switch node based on selected topic.

If you can arrange your data topics you may get away with just one MQTT in node, or maybe one for each type of measurement etc.

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