Make a large number(50/100?) of node and sensor in Node red

I have make a complete flow for one sensor in node red.
And wanna ask anyway beside " copy and paste, export and import " to make extra say 50/100 more ....

anyother way like template that can modify some sensor id/value, make my life easier


It depends what you need to do, there may be ways of making one flow do them all.
Let's start with the question, how are you reading the sensors?

Thanks~i pull the info using http request ~
and accordingly i need to make 50 gauge for it...
so asking for any QOL way

Do you need all gauges visible at once or would something like a drop-down box to select a set to show be good enough, and if a drop-down would do would you need different things displayed on different computers at the same time?

Since my boss didnt give me the final number of guage (i guess 20-100 ?)

Can i have both solution please?

Find out what the requirement is first, I don't want to waste time helping with you to a solution that is not what is required.
If a dropdown is good enough then you only need a display that contains the number of sensors required then design the dashboard with that many and use a dropdown to select which group of sensors to route to the dashboard items.
For reading the sensors you should be able to read them all with one http node, possibly called multiple times, and then route them as above.

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