Help with node red and TTN sensors

good afternoon all

so i am completely new to node red and i am struggling with using it with the things network

i have a temp and humid sensor connected to a LoRa gateway and using TTN i am sending the data to my node red using NQTT but the code in the debug seems completly different to all the other videos i have watched on the matter and i cant seem to work out our to take the information from the debug code to make a dashboard graphs.

sorry for my stupidity but i am very keen to work this out so any help would be greatful

Welcome to Node-Red.

Start by connecting your MQTT to you TTN, you should see the green "connected" below the MQTT node if it is connected correctly.


Then add a debug node to it and configure it as below.


Then look at the Debug Message on the left, the JSON will be in there.

thankyou very much for replying and trying to help me,

this is what i am getting after changing it to the way you descibed

you might notice the # this is because it was was it said in a video on the things network utube channel

i will also add this is what i was getting before

Set your MQTT like below


Also push the arrow and you will see the rest of the JSON


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thankyou for your help i got it working now
thanks again

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