Two instances of Node-Red communicating via TTN (MQTT)?

Hello everybody,

I've some questions about using TTN as a message broker for Node-Red.

  • Is it possible, that an instance of Node-Red is sending messages via TTN (MQTT, HTTP) to another instance of Node-Red, thus avoiding a direct connection (no need to set up an own MQTT broker, no need to open TCP/UDP ports)?

  • Do I need a "real" hardware node, pushing messages over a radio (e.g. LoRa) network, with preconfigured EUIs to set up a device inside a TTN application?

  • As far as I know, the node-red-contrib-ttn node isn't supported anymore, but i didn't find a successor for that. How do I have to configure the MQTT-node (topic, QoS,...) now?

Thanks a lot!

...of course you can use a cloud based MQTT broker as intermediate to communicate between (many) NR instances.
I don't know TTN, but cloudMQTT and hivemq are the ones i am using.
Make sure that you use a poper authenticated and TLS/SSLbased connection.

Hi hominidae,

I was thinking at least about HiveHQ, too, but at the moment I am using TTN for another application (with a LoRa device) and it offers a freemium plan.

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