Adding Data to Dashboard dynamically


I get data from an yet unknown amount of sensors. The data is then convertet to a table with the help nod-red-contrib-tableify. This works great.

I have now

msg: {
  payload: with html table
  devId: xxxx

What i would like to have now is a dashbaord which shows the tables of ALL devId's no matter what i try i only get the last message sent

this is my last try:

<div layout="row" layout-align="space-between">
  <div id="{{'devId_'+$msg.devId}}" ng-bind-html="msg.payload"></div>

is there a way to add or ubdate only a section with devId and leave the others?

I think you would have to redo the html table and feed it back into the ui-dashboard.
Have you had a look at ui-table which will take an array of data to create a table, and you can send it data to updata changed data only

and table data handler

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