Node-red-node-ui-table node, dashboard block

I have a dashboard with several tabs. When I insert the table UI node, it won't show up. After restarting the dashboard, only the table shows up and works fine, but the other tabs are gone. Combining the table with text or buttons is impossible; combining multiple tables is. In the example with the interactive table, the table also shows up, but there are no buttons.
Node-Red v3.0.2
Node.js v16.20.2
Dashboard v1.0.2
node-red-node-ui-table v0.4.3
Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks.

Please upgrade to the latest versions of node-red (3.1.3) and particularly node-red-dashboard, which is now at 3.6.2, so you are way out of date with that one.

Hi Colin,
I have updated to Node-RED v3.1.3, Node.js to v16.20.2
At first, the same issues occurred, but then I noticed that dashboard-evi 1.0.2 was also running.

Uninstalling dashboard-evi did the trick.
Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

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