Table override other dashboard nodes

Greetings all,

I have node red v3.1.5 & node JS v20.11.1
I am creating a simple dashboard with 3 buttons and form as "input" group and a table as an "output" group all under one tab "test dashboard"

after deploying and running the dashboard, table just appears and all input group nodes disappearing.

  • I checked in the final layout on the tab that, the table is not overriding other nodes.
  • I didn't create a CSS file, I am using node red theme.
  • I restarted node-red and the browser and still the same issue.
  • I tried to use old versions of node red and node JS, the same problem.

after removing the table and restart node-red other input nodes appears on the dashboard correctly.

so what could be the reason that ui_table override other dashboard nodes?

Welcome to the forum @same7youssef.

If you look in the Dashboard tag of the right hand column, do you see just one dashboard tab with input and output groups within it?

Does your dashboard show a scrollbar?

Can you show us a screen capture of the editor and dashboard?