Ui-table not showing up

I'm having problems trying to use ui-template in my flows.
My installation is Node-Red v.019.5 and my ui-table palette is the latest (0.2.1).
I've tried to import the example provided (either Simple_table and Richer_table) but after injecting the paylod node in the dashboard not any table is shown. It's just showed the group widget name.
How is it possible? Any thoughts?

What version of node-red-dashboard do you have installed?

It maybe an issue witht he version of NR you have installed so you might try backing up your system then upgrading to see if that fixes it.

The node-red-dashboard I run is 2.13.2. Anyway I've double tested on another installation of node-red (that runs an update version of the node-red-dashboard palette - the last one available now) and it worked like a charm..Thanks for bringing me on the right path... :wink:

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