Need single dashboard for multiple iots

I am beginner in iot and node red. i want to creat single dashboard for multiple iots.

Means I want to control multiple iots from single screen.

What is the better solution?

Thanks in advance...

What kind of devices are you looking to control? The node-red-dashboard addon nodes should be able to do quite a bit if what you're looking to build is an interface. It really depends on your devices what you will be able to get working smoothly behind the scenes.

Thank you for early reply..

Actually I am using 4 sets of siemens Iot 2040. Every iot will be in communication with siemens PLC's.

I am using S7 node to control PLC from node red.

For all the IoTs I have to show data centrally in one monitor(in one dashboard).

Kindly advice me for the proper solution.

Unfamiliar with the device you're describing, but that's not the end of the world. What kind of data are you receiving from your devices? I recommend installing the dashboard nodes and looking for some tutorials. Play around a bit.

Hi. If I'm not mistaken, that iot box can publish MQTT messages?

If so, one option is...

  1. Set up a broker (Google is your friend, my favourite is emqx

  2. Publish messages from your 4 boxes to the broker.

  3. Subscribe to your broker in node-red (Hint, use MQTT nodes) & build your dashboard (tons of examples and help on this forum)

Don't be afraid to play and try stuff - you'll get there.

Good luck

Thank you ..

I will try this and will give u my feedback.