Irrigation programmer

I'm a beginner in this "node network".

I am integrating node red with home assistant to make an irrigation programmer, my problem is the lack of water. I irrigate with a
waterhole and this hardly gives me enough to irrigate an area. I have 4 controlled irrigation zones with 4 solenoid valves, between zone and zone I have to wait for the well to fill with water again. I have the waterhole controlled with two sensors that tell me when it is full and when it is empty. My problem is that I don't know how to implement it in "node red".

He would know how to do it sequentially, that is, he would know how to program the irrigation in this way.

  1. Is the waterhole full? – water zone 1

  2. We wait for the well to fill

  3. Is the waterhole full? – water zone 2

And so on up to the 4 zones

I can add a flow that if at any time while irrigating one of the zones the well (waterhole) runs out of water it stops immediately (so that the irrigation pump does not burn out) my main problem and question that I ask you is how do I make it so that when the does the well have water again continue watering from where the watering came from?

Thank you

Hi @r_boecillo. It's an interesting use for Node-red.

I think you will have to use a context variable to store the zone number which is currently being irrigated.
I'm assuming that irrigation of a zone is time limited - irrigate a zone for 30 minutes say.

Something like this might work, though I don't know how much can be done with Home Assistant nodes.

Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot, I try and I will tell you.

never mind i miss read the question , i thought there was 4 wells.

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