Automatic irrigation


I have build the node below in Home Assistant. Goal is that the irrigation system irrigates the garden automatically between 7 and 8 h AM on specific days. Switching on and off the automatic program is arranged via an input_boolean switch in Home Assistant. I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to optimize this flow?
  2. The override button does not work. When I switch off the switch, this does not trigger the reset function.

Who can help me?

Schedex node (this node is only used as trigger to switch the program on)

  • Switch on: 07:00
  • Switch off: 07:01
  • Days: Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun

Current state node: Automatische beregening aan?

  • Entity ID: input_boolean.beregening_switch
  • If State: is on


  • is on --> 1
  • is off --> 2


  • Action: Delay each message
  • Fixed delay
  • For 250 milliseconds

Change Node: Reset

  • Set msg.reset to true

Trigger: 60 min

  • Send: true
  • Then wait for
  • 60 minutes
  • Then send false
  • Handling: all messages


  • is true --> 1
  • is false --> 2

Change Node: Aan

  • Set msg.payload
  • To: {"option": "Aan"}

Change Node: Uit

  • Set msg.payload
  • To: {"option": "Uit"}

Call Service: Pomp: Aan

  • Server: Home Assistant
  • Domain: homeassistant
  • Service: turn_on
  • Entity ID: switch.fibaro_fgs222_beregeningspomp

Call Service: Pomp: Uit

  • Server: Home Assistant
  • Domain: homeassistant
  • Service: turn_off
  • Entity ID: switch.fibaro_fgs222_beregeningspomp

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